Week 6! It is now time to begin work on your research paper.

Note how the website is organized.

  • The main menu is above this announcement. You will see this menu on every page of this website. Just move your mouse over one of the links—"Calendar," "Course Overview," etc.— and you will see a more detailed menu (except for the "Turnitin" link, which goes to Turnitin.com, and the "Lounge" link, which takes you to the class discussion forum). Click on the link and you will head to the desired page.
  • The "Calendar" (link above) should be your anchor in this class (NOT the Canvas calendar!!). The weeks of the course are organized into units which correspond to the units listed in the "Course Overview." If you follow the link to a unit calendar, you will see a list of assignments organized by week. Just follow the weekly calendar, and you can feel confident that you are doing all activities that are required of you!!
  • The "Course Overview" is also organized by units. Think of the content here as a kind of textbook for the class. All readings, lectures, and major essay assignments are posted here for quick access (but remember that it is the calendar you need to follow to be sure you are doing everything that is required!).
  • Also on this page are some important resources:
    • Click on the typewriter to visit the Syllabus.
    • Click on the library shelves to visit the Library of Student Writing, which offers models of student writing for each essay you will write (except for the summary).
    • And visit other important resources, such as a guide to MLA formattting, at the lower right of this page.
  • Throughout the site, there are links back to Canvas activities, such as reading discussions and quizzes. All grades on assignments will be recorded in the Canvas Grade book.

That's it. If you have any questions, please contact me! You can reach me by sending me an email through Canvas (just click on your inbox to start a new message); or by emailing me directly at jroyal@santarosa.edu.