people on a benchWeek 3: Introduction to Unit 2, Public Space; Writing a summary


This week we get going on our second unit, "Public Space," and by the end of the week, you will write your second essay (a summary of the first reading in the unit).


  • continue developing critical reading techniques with an emphasis on locating main ideas
  • write a 2-page summary of a long essay that is unified, coherent, and concise
  • build knowledge about the process of "reading" the human-built cultural landcape
  • continue to build community
  • improve grammar skills: comma splices and fused sentences

Assignments & Instructions

  1. Read the introduction and overview of Unit 2, Public Space.

  2. Read "The Monument and the Bungalow." You will be writing a summary of this text, so read carefully to make sure you understand Lewis' ideas as well as how Lewis constructs his argument. Also, as you read, take a look at my pop-up comments on the essay (dotted underlines). These comments will help you understand Lewis' argument.
  3. NOTE: You will probably need 2-3 hours to read this essay carefully, so don't wait till the last minute thinking this assignment will be a breeze! Take notes on each section, summarizing the point you feel Lewis is making in each section, and why that point might be important in the argument as a whole.

    Optional: watch the short clip from a documentary about J.B. Jackson called "Figure in Landscape: A Conversation With J.B. Jackson." This video will give you a little more background on how and why one "reads" our human-built cultural landscapes.

  4. Participate in the discussion forum "Observing and Analyzing Landscapes" (5 points)

  5. Complete the InQuizitive activities on (1) correcting comma splices and (2) fused sentences (50 points total in "assignments" category)

  6. View my lecture on "Writing Summaries." This lecture includes important information about how to write your summary. I will be expecting your summary of "Monument and the Bungalow," to follow the rules outlined in this lecture. The lecture also includes a presentation on using MLA format correctly to set up your document, and to create your Works Cited page.

  7. Write a summary of "The Monument and the Bungalow" following the Essay 2 assignment instructions. The essay is due by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. (100 points) (Don't forget, if you finish your essay early, you can submit it to NeTutor for feedback!! Instructions for how to do this are posted in last week's calendar). Submit your essay to the Essay 2 drop box.