people on a benchWeek 5: Writing a Cultural Landscape Study


You will have this week to work on your 3rd essay. Try to leave time to submit your essay draft to NeTutor for feedback. At the end of the week, you will submit essay 3 to the drop box.


  • write a cultural landscape study essay of 1200-1500 words which includes a strong introduction and conclusion and well-developed paragraphs
  • use both description and analysis to develop your argument
  • proofread an essay to grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes (pay particular attention to the skills you have been working on—correcting comma splices, fused sentences, and fragments)

Assignments & Instructions

  1. Read the Essay 3 assignment description, then write your essay following assignment instructions. I recommend that read a few sample essays from the Student Writing Library to get an idea of the kind of essay that earns an "A" on this assignment.

  2. Submit your essay to the Essay 3 drop box (150 points)