tourist with a cameraWeek 8: Writing Your Research Paper


This will be a busy week! You only have till WEDNESDAY to finalize your essay because you will need to complete the final exam by Friday, August 10th.


  • quote, paraphrase, and summarize secondary sources for inclusion in a research paper
  • introduce quotes effectively
  • comment appropriately on source material
  • format in-text citations correctly in MLA format
  • format a Works Cited page correctly in MLA format
  • organize a research paper effectively
  • write a 1500-1800 word research paper

Activities & Instructions

  1. Read about formatting your in-text citations and your Works Cited page in the R-MLA (Research "MLA Style") Section of The Little Seagull Handbook. Make sure your Works Cited page and in-text citations are correctly formatted! You will lose points if there are errors!

  2. Finish your essay. In addition to fully developing your thesis with strong supporting paragraphs, make sure that you have
  • written at least 1500 words (no padding! develop your ideas in depth)
  • created an interesting introduction and conclusion
  • used at least 4 scholarly sources to develop your ideas in depth (not just tacked on to fill the requirement!)
  • verified that every in-text citation has a corresponding citation on the Works Cited page, and that there are no citations on the Works Cited page that are not directly referenced in the essay
  • checked your essay to make sure it is in perfect MLA format (including using a hanging indent for citations on the Works Cited page!) Review the video on MLA document format by Alexander Clarkson, or look up the lesson on MLA style in the Little Seagull Handbook if you need help.
  • proofread your entire essay to correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes

Submit a draft of your essay to NeTutor for feedback! (optional) Remember they often have a 24-hour turnaround time.

Your final draft is due WEDNESDAY night at this drop box