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Activities for The Tourist

1. Do you know the stages?

Each image below illustrates one of the stages of "site sacralization" that Dean Maccannell refers to in his essay. Match each image (or description of the image) to the highest stage of site sacralization. Note: there may be more than one image at a particular stage. Click on the image to see the correct answer (the answers will appear in a separate "pop-up" window, so if you do not see the answer, you should change the settings on your browser to enable pop-ups)

Stages of "site sacralization"

  1. naming phase — given an official name to signify it as a landmark or other sight worthy of notice.
  2. framing phase — placing an official boundary around the object or sight
  3. elevation phase — putting an object on display —placement in a case, on a pedestal or opened up for visitation
  4. mechanical reproduction phase — the creation of prints, photographs, models or effigies of the object which are themselves valued and displayed
  5. social reproduction phase — when groups, cities and regions begin to name themselves after famous attractions
colloseum clock
field of dreams patch
Las Vegas Souvenir Cup
Mona Lisa in the Louvre
Native American Art Display
Fisherman's Wharf
Disney Costumes
Paris, Las Vegas

2. Exploring Further . . .

"A Last Frontier: Las Vegas, 1950" The video below offers an interesting visual history of Las Vegas. Compare Las Vegas in 1950 to Vegas now (in the next video).

Now compare old and new Las Vegas by viewing this 2014 travel guide. What has changed? What do the changes tell us? Does what you see support MacCannell's argument?