Reflection examples

example 1 (student earned full credit)

Overall, I am very pleased with the turn out of my summary on Pierce Lewis’ “The Monument and the Bungalow." I have two things that I need to work on: the first is being able to fix my header into a MLA format, and the second, not going into as much detail as I did, in certain circumstances. To fix these minor problems I have visited the Purdue Online Writing lab and I have re-read how to format in MLA style. For future essays and writing assignments, I will be following the MLA guidelines more closely. I also recognize that in my essay, the paragraph about the field trip went into too much detail.

Next time and on future writing assignments, I plan on focusing less on details and information that do not particularly need to be talked about and more on arguments that will support my topic. I have not written an essay in MLA format since 2007, when I graduated high school. I am very pleased with how well and easily my essay came together. I used my thesaurus to help spice up my overall vocabulary, I took notes while reading Pierce Lewis’s essay and I really focused on not getting distracted while writing my summary. I also really enjoyed reading “The Monument and the Bungalow," and it was pretty easy to understand, which helped make this summary come together. I feel ready for the next assignment!

example 2 (student earned full credit)

Things to work on:

  • When introducing the author, incorporate the text title as well for the reader
  • Making the tense of my writing in a present tense. Instead of using “were” use “is” - Informing why certain discussions are important to the reader
  • Read through my paper when finished to find any run-on sentences
  • Refer to the readers instead myself - Focus on fixing basic sentence errors
  • Specific evidence

Although there were some mistakes in my summary, there were also areas that I felt I did really well on. I have been the type of person to never be too good at creating an outline. In the process of writing this paper I brainstormed a ton, and took out pieces that did not seem to be necessary in my writing. Also, paraphrasing is something I love to do to make the reader truly grasp what I am trying to portray. I try my best to always explain why arguments or ideas are vital to be informed on. I enjoyed what I learned through reading this essay; it allowed me become more aware of my surroundings. I also liked writing a summary of the essay. I have not written a summary in a while and became accustomed to writing analytical essays; it was nice to get a refresher on the style.

My mistakes seemed to be minor details about sentence structure, tense, etc. Going through my work more than a few times will be able to help me become aware of these mistakes. Also, I can have my siblings and peers read through it and revise any errors that I may have not noticed. Printing out my work and physically marking any mistakes makes it easier to me see what I need to correct and work on.